The Art of Relaxation 

When I think of what it means to relax, there are a few things that come to mind: going to the gym (well the feeling after), reading a book, drinking tea, and lying down, preferably on a sun-kissed beach. As the weather gets warmer it forces me to miss all the time spend on beaches, […]

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All You Need Is A Run

Sometimes running is all you need. I took a trip around the block today, it was a fast, hard and exhausting journey, yet in the end the result was beautiful. Thoughts of sugar plum fairies and anger demons danced in my head as I decided the world was shitting on me and I needed to […]

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Hitting the Jackpot

I never thought a daily act like crossing the street could be a test of survival until I landed in Hanoi. Crossing the street in Vietnam is dangerous [full stop]. When you cross the street in Canada you wait for traffic to stop or wait at a traffic light for a little man to tell […]

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The Perfect Schnitzel

My first official post is about schnitzel, judge me all you want but if you haven’t tried schnitzel you must stop reading, find the nearest restaurant and go eat one! If you have, continue reading because it only gets crispier from here. Growing up in a German and Hungarian house hold has sparked my hunter […]

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In today’s world it is becoming harder to find time for life’s natural enjoyments. Stop and think about how often on a daily basis you take in every moment, notice your surroundings or smell the fresh air. Maybe I am bringing on the cheese here but seriously, try to remember a time when you were […]

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