Part of a Fairytale 

There was a castle, that stood tall on top of a cliff side, surrounded by lush trees and ever rolling mountains. The castle itself was not elegant, grand or even magnificent. In fact, it was a simple castle, properly built with a strong structure, fortifying wall and towering views. Its simplicity, position on the cliff and the view its windows provided created an unmistakeable beauty like no other. The wall that created the boundary between the outside and its threshold was modest yet, functional. The cliff that engulfed three quarters of its border added mystery, fear and allure of the unknown oasis. This hidden and unmistakable beauty poured out from the castle onto everything in sight.

The exquisiteness was illustrated from within the castle looking outwards. Three hundred and sixty degrees could be seen from the highest point within the castle grounds. To the north coveted villages scattered amoung the hillsides. Looking on to the east the petite town displayed innocence and pride. Onwards to the south, like a mirage, the higher peaked mountains could be seen in the distance. Lastly, completing the rotation, to the west, the most breathtaking view of all was the lake.

At the heart of the body of water was an island in the shape of an eye. In the centre sat a Monastery,  nothing extravagant but rather just perfect. Its presence restored balance and faith to the snow peaked mountains that surrounded it. It was old and wise. The age could be seen within the wrinkles spread through the cement paths both outside and within the floors of the chapel. The ancient spirits of new and old where hidden between rows of trees and bushes. The islands isolation added mystery and allure, that only exploration could uncover. Its exclusivity allowed only the worthy to wonder about the grounds. Its magic created the feeling of solitude and peace. 


I was thrown into a fairytale when I spent a day exploring this section of town. It was only until that moment on the island when I realized how rich I truly am. It was remarkable to step into a fairytale only to come out as royalty. 


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