Time Travel at its Finest

The Many Doors of Dublin, a phrase I heard frequently when visiting the city. Still to this day I do not know what it officially means, however, throughout my time in Dublin I came up with my own meaning; diversity and change.

Dublin has a long history and a unique past and what remains is proof of that. The city started out as a Viking settlement and slowly turned to a medieval powerhouse. Like many other countries, England sought out the city, and thus a Georgian Capital was created. It was not until the early 1900’s that Dublin took control, broke free of Britain’s hold and became the capital of the Republic of Ireland.  At the end of the 20th century the preservation of the country and city’s heritage became a primary concern. Why am I discussing history you ask? Good question, I am by no means a history buff, scholar or writer. What I do know is getting a bit of a background regardless of how brief grants insight and understanding into why Dublin is currently the way it is. 

The different doors represents the change and diversity the city has experienced since the beginning. I spent one day walking through the city for about 8+ hours. I noticed there was vast architectural differences within the city. I could feel the Viking presence as I walked along the River Liffey, then onward to the medieval period which was still alive as I walked around the Christ Church Cathedral and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It almost haunt me to walk around the grounds and envision it as it was centuries ago. Moving forward in that era I could feel the significance of education during that time as I walked through Trinity College. Also, as if I had a time machine, I turned the corner and found myself among rows of old Georgian houses. Beautiful old homes either occupied by stores, offices or residents lined the widened streets. It was as if I had walked through three different cities at three various time periods all in a matter of hours. What ended my time travel was a walk through the Temple Bar area. This area is the only place within the city that has kept its original street plan. While the occupants of the buildings on this street have changed, the feeling you get while walking, shopping or drinking in this area of town is unique; you can experience all time periods in one area.  What a fantastic feeling. 

The Many Doors of Dublin – what does it mean? I guess you have to go there to find our for yourself.


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